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Business Funding Social Club

Built for the founders, funders, and freethinkers.
Business Funding Social Club is a bespoke business club leading the way in facilitating significant connections between people and their purposes. As part of this exclusive collective, you will experience social sophistication, meetings of like minds, tailored value creation and facilitated engagement.


As a Club member, you are financially and after life covered.

Our membership range includes:

Group Funeral Benefits
Funding Annual Returns
Business Assistances


About Us

Business Funding Social Club was conceived, designed, and organized in 2021 by a group of friends to set a new standard of excellence for private business and social clubs in Africa.

Our Vision

The more people join with us the better we can all do in people’s lives; it is that simple. We are proud of the work we have done so far but we are not stopping until we realise our vision of a world free from injustice where everyone is able to reach their full potential. Join with us, let us build better futures together.

Our Values

Business Funding Social Club is a welcoming community where personal and professional relationships are nurtured, and where innovation, diversity and thought leadership are cultivated.